NeuString enables mobile operators to optimize inbound revenues and minimize outbound costs. As the market leading provider of business analytics tools, NeuString offers to share the knowledge gained through close partnerships with our clients and the experience of our consultants who have been working with the financial aspects of roaming for more than 10 years

In addition to investigating the financial impact, NeuString also adds other benefits such as in-depth evaluation of the current situation, impact of regulatory decisions and consequences from mergers and acquisitions, i.e. the financial consequences of shifting volumes from one partner to another based on a new and more favorable discount structure.

The mobile roaming market has been evolving over the last few years to be more competitive and margins may be difficult to maintain. Through a close dialogue with many operators throughout the world, NeuString has a broad understanding of the challenges being faced in the market.

NeuString enables you to get in touch with your business by visualizing the data - and through intuitive user interface get in the data you need in a timely fashion.