The application helps identify problem areas, potential improvements and allows users to test the impact of such activities - including the direct effect and the potential indirect effect coming from reciprocal actions by roaming partners.

Leveraging the “What if” scenario capabilities and strengths of the Optiprizer, managing the data in our proprietary manner offers a superior turnaround timescale for greater predictive customer insights into margins, usage and returns.

Users get access to a variety of parameters used in the roaming business, including testing the impact of changing IOT’s, implementing multiple IOT’s, changing discount agreements and using traffic steering. The application runs on actual roaming traffic data (TAP files), includes accurate and detailed information about actual roaming partner charges, discount agreements and forecasts (expected changes to usage behavior), and supports inbound and outbound traffic, as well as all available service types, incl. voice, video, SMS and data.

Unique Benefits for Mobile Operators:

  • Latency is reduced to a minimum allowing for instant analysis of any market situation. The ease of use and flexibility provides full insight into the financial impact of many different scenarios
  • Provides the ability to innovate and react – and optimize your roaming result
  • Provides security by storing information in one place, accessible by more employees and removing the likelihood of human errors in deeply advanced Excel models
  • Helps generates an improved margin thanks to:
    - More bilateral discount agreements
    - Better control over and thus optimization of current agreements
    - Optimized distribution of traffic
    - Correct pricing of all roaming partners.
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Indosat serves more than 52 million subscribers and connect Indonesia to the rest of the world across air, land, and sea. See all references.

The Wholesale immediately presents the financial result of any change, even if the database contains tens of billions of records, and the system handles multiple PMN codes separately or combined.

With simple access to information, end users are able to analyze trends and usage behaviour. This includes closely monitoring partners and subscribers to seek and outline any unexpected behavior potentially impacting the financial results.

The application can be installed on a local PC or accessed as SaaS (Software as a Service) via a browser. The SaaS solution can be hosted by NeuString or the application server can be installed locally.

The Wholesale application can be customized according to the Mobile Operator’s needs and is offered in two versions: Core (with most common features used for reporting and forecasting and a set of core modules) and Advanced (including major simulation forecasts and a set of advanced modules). Optional premium modules are also available to users of the Advanced version.

Unique Features:

  • Group functionality: allows users to include data for several group members beneficial for discount negotiations and reporting;
  • Full scope reporting: includes both gross charges from data files (TAP) and net charges where bilateral discounts are applied on gross charges;
  • Monitor TAP level discount: allows users to quantify value of discounts implemented on TAP by rerating TAP files according to latest roaming partner price list (AA.14);
  • Interconnect: allows usage of actual interconnect price lists (also supports pricing on specific destinations, down to b-number) to be applied on actual traffic to calculate the actual cost, thus showing true margins;
  • Handling of all bilateral preferred network agreements (discounts): enables users to maintain and manage all implemented agreements, e.g. includes discounted rates in reporting, thus creating accruals reports in less than 60 seconds;
  • Manage financial performance: creates budget, monthly accruals and deviations;
  • Advanced forecasting: enables financial impact analysis on changed exchange rates, duration, no of events, market share and traffic steering;
  • IMSI level discount agreements: enabling operators to calculate discounts based on the individual subscriber behaviour (thus usage).