They can quickly deliver innovatively priced services on a highly targeted basis, predict who is at risk of churning, who could be offered a more attractive plan and which plans are the most profitable - right now, not months after the event.

NeuString’s Subscriber Analytics enables Mobile Operators to make advanced analysis of their own subscribers, on-net and while roaming. Focused on retail analysis and retail pricing, this product shows historical usage monitoring, predictive business intelligence and also creates ad-hoc reporting.

Subscriber Analytics also provides full insight into the subscriber base and early detection of potentially adverse trends and threats from competition. This actionable data can support Mobile Operators in controlling and growing their business. They can create advanced profiling by using a multitude of selection criteria and filters. By applying new price plans to created or selected subscriber profiles, the Mobile Operator can forecast and monitor the potential outcome of price plan changes.

Greater customer insight deepens the relationship and enhances the experience for each individual subscriber - NeuString provides the insight with its enhanced IMSI level vision and pricing capabilities

Unique Benefits for Mobile Operators:

  • Enables optimal tariff customization based on actual subscriber usage
  • Leads to higher customer satisfaction and reduces churn
  • Increased loyalty through higher customer satisfaction
  • Increased margins, as a consequence of more customers put on the most optimum tariff
  • Competition monitoring, through linking the source of new subscribers to specific promotional campaigns
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NeuString approach to business intelligence is focussed on the commercial end user. All products offer different levels of access specifically suited to the profile of different users working with the applications, providing an easy to use interface and thus a very competitive takeup time.

Mobile Operators around the world need to continually optimize their subscriber plans and tariffs, whether at home or abroad.

Mobile Operators need to optimize the number of plans to meet market needs, yet at the same time deliver optimal profit margins. Getting the balance right is good for customer satisfaction but also good for the bottom line.

Staying on top of market developments and managing the business efficiently needs comprehensive, near real-time analysis of On-Net and Off-Net subscriber behavior, plus the ability to accurately predict the financial impacts of different tariff plans and subscriber choices.

To get accurate results with specific subscriber profiling and segmentation, Mobile Operators need to work on the full range of data - i.e. not on sampled or aggregated basis - but extracting and processing billions of records, then modeling them in real-time what-if scenarios. A lack of all the data has previously been a major barrier to doing this effectively. That is why the what-if scenario capabilities and strengths of NeuString’s Subscriber Analytics allow to manage the data in our proprietary manner, offering a superior turnaround timescale for greater predictive customer insights into margins, usage and returns.

Unique Features:

Raw data input

All analyses are based on actual subscriber behavior, meaning that Subscriber Analytics is based on the actual CDR and billing input, not on aggregated data.

Price analysis

Subscriber Analytics enables end-users to analyze prices for all or a selection of subscribers. This includes testing and comparing current subscriber revenue against alternative tariff plans; internal and external (competition). It also offers a flexible representation of the results, and the end-user can include values such as ARPU, charge (incl. PPM), volume (incl. MOU) and compare them to a defined set of KPIs.

Segmentation / Profiling

End-users are able to create segments based on a wide range of filters. This enables commercial departments to select only subscribers meeting a certain usage profile and subsequently create a price analysis on these subscribers only.

Price analysis and heat maps

Subscriber Analytics can run all current subscriber revenue against competing internal and external tariff plans configured. This also includes graphical representation of a Heat Map and a Risk Analysis showing the percentage of users that would gain economically from migrating or churning, and the immediate impact on the Operator’s business.

Churn and Migration impact

Subscriber Analytics continuously monitors all subscribers. Including subscribers migrating between subscriptions and churning. By using historical usage and the subscribers latest price plan, the application will precisely forecast the lost value of churning subscribers.

Elasticity analysis

By creating ad-hoc reports, users will be able to monitor impact of changes in usage/ subscribers compared to price plan changes (either direct or indirect).
Users will in other words be able to measure price elasticity by comparing the subscriber impact with price changes.

Dynamic forecasting

By applying historical usage to a subscriber’s latest price plan, Subscriber Analytics is able to precisely forecast charge (and other KPI’s). However end-users can modify that historical usage in the calculations to reflect any change in usage macro trends. Data is processed and updated automatically on a daily, weekly and monthly or ad-hoc basis.

Campaign monitoring and uptake

Subscriber Analytics is able to continuously monitor the value of a promotion campaign. This includes forecasting the value of subscribers joining a promotion set against where the subscribers are joining from (i.e. competitors and other internal price plans). Subscriber Analytics is able to monitor the amount of subscribers joining the promotions and their value compared to their pre promotion forecast.