NeuString’s Retail Roaming product helps optimize the retail offers to generate more revenues. It enables Mobile Operators to understand every action of each outbound roaming subscriber and to tailor roaming subscriptions and price plans according to individual preferences, thus attracting more domestic subscribers and increasing usage from existing customers.

Because Retail Roaming analyses individual call records, it offers an unprecedented level of accuracy at a fraction under 100%. Mobile Operators can then convert the analysis into actionable decisions, e.g. contacting the right subscriber at the right time with the most relevant offer, and achieve lower churn thanks to more satisfied subscribers, who feel motivated to consume more while roaming (e.g. data).

To perform price analysis, NeuString’s Retail Roaming product enables users to either use the available wholesale cost from data files or apply the latest/actual wholesale cost (gross or discounted IOT). Users can base their price analysis on the actual cost, enabling them to strengthen their competitive edge.

Mobile Operators can design and offer bespoke, transparent and attractive roaming packages to both pre-paid and post-paid subscribers. Using Retail Roaming, they can also monitor the real-time performance of existing packages, and take proactive and corrective actions to optimize costs and increase revenues.

Unique Benefits for Mobile Operators:

  • Enhances the subscriber’s roaming experience: delivering more tailored roaming plans and developing subscriber usage control roadmaps
  • Evaluates roaming pricing objectives to increase profitability (using a price simulator)
  • Stimulates business and consumer traffic by offering innovative roaming propositions
  • Addresses the consequences of regulatory measures on roaming models
  • Enables new roaming strategies which take advantage of development in mobile broadband
  • Catalyst for increasing roaming usage, particularly mobile data usage with pricing best practices, complying with telecommunications regulatory requirements
  • Improves roaming business efficiency with subscriber level business intelligence and price transparency
  • Boosts roaming revenues through tariff flexibility and data roaming control in real-time
  • Clarifies the drivers behind data roaming to achieve high QoS and QoE levels for the end-users, enabling the launch of attractive data packages and attractive rates
  • Helps develop a sustainable data roaming model for high volume data sessions
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Mobile Operators need quicker access to the most up-to-date roaming data to remain competitive. NeuString’s Retail Roaming is the answer, enabling them to compete on analytics and to adapt their services in a much shorter timeframe.

NeuString’s Retail Roaming gives full insight into the subscriber base and early detection of potentially adverse trends and threats from the competition. This actionable data can support Mobile Operators in optimizing the roaming strategy to stimulate traffic growth and protect revenues. By applying new price plans to created or selected subscriber profiles, Mobile Operators can forecast and monitor the potential outcome of price plan changes.

It also enables Mobile Operators to simulate the impact on the profitability of offering high volume session based, not only on the roaming partners’ standard IOT, but also on the negotiated discounted IOT. It is integrated in a way that Retail Roaming users can simulate the impact on special price offers, not only based on subscriber preferences, but also on the exact cost applied by partners.

Unique Features:

Competitive price analysis

Test the financial value of Competitors’ tariff plans vs. Customer Usage
Compare the value of applying Competitors’ tariff plans vs. your current tariff plans and new offers

Budgeting and Forecasting

Planning, Reporting, Monitoring
Calculations based on subscriber value, including actual wholesale cost (incl. discounted IOT’s)
Uses real subscriber revenue, based on subscriber’s forecasted usage and latest tariff plan

Subscriber roaming price management

Roaming standard price offering
Evaluates the impact of regulatory changes Fair usage - Aligns packages and margins with levels of usage within the Terms & Conditions of roaming offerings
Simulates impact of segmented price offerings, such as:

  • Residential and Corporate price plans, incl. targeted tariffs for Key Accounts or dedicated subscribers groups e.g. sports clubs, associations, etc.)
  • Handset-driven price packages, e.g. iPhone/Android tariffs
  • Promotions / campaigns and eligibility (e.g. major sporting events)


Supports different tariff plan offerings, such as:

Segment-based tariffs for individual subscribers and subscriber segments
Advanced zoning of call origination and destination, forall or selected subscriber segments
Zoning of data events based on APN (e.g. BlackBerry or data packages)
Flexible pricing, including: packages, unit pricing and mark-ups
Forecasting parameters enabling users to apply expectations to changes in usage behavior
Special pricing for selected time periods (e.g. specific time, days or dates)
Automated retail price suggestions, based on set margin on-net or on gross wholesale cost