NeuString is the world leader
in Analytics software for Mobile Operators. We enable Operators
to make fast and qualified decisions, resulting in quantified margin improvements of between 5% and 22%.

4 times closer to launch

Documented 1 month implementation time with
seamless integration

15 times faster access to data

Instant access to all data on hand on demand for all commercial end-users

2 times more reliable decisions

Accurate identification of optimization activities for retail and wholesale business

Subscriber Analytics

Mobile Operators need to optimize the number of plans to meet market needs, yet at the same time deliver optimal profit margins. Getting the balance right is good for customer satisfaction but also good for the bottom line.

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The Wholesale immediately presents the financial result of any change, even if the database contains tens of billions of records, and the system handles multiple PMN codes separately or combined.

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Roaming Retail

Mobile Operators need quicker access to the most up-to-date roaming data to remain competitive. NeuString’s Retail Roaming is the answer, enabling them to compete on analytics and to adapt their service in a much shorter timeframe.

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Business monitor

The Business Monitor (Dashboard) gives an overview in an illustrative graphical way that makes it easy to see the current status of the budget.

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