The NeuString application portfolio helps identify problem areas, potential improvements and allows users to test the impact of such activities - including the direct effect and the potential indirect effect coming from reciprocal actions by roaming partners.

Users get access to a variety of parameters used in the roaming business, including testing the impact of changing IOT’s, implementing multiple IOT’s, changing discount agreements and using traffic steering. The application runs on actual roaming traffic data (TAP files), includes accurate and detailed information about actual roaming partner charges, discount agreements and forecasts (expected changes to usage behavior), and supports inbound and outbound traffic, as well as all available service types, incl. voice, video, SMS and data.


Latency is reduced to a minimum allowing for instant analysis of any market situation. The ease of use and flexibility provides full insight into the financial impact of many different scenarios
Provides the ability to innovate and react – and optimize your roaming result. Provides security by storing information in one place, accessible by more employees and removing the likelihood of human errors in deeply advanced Excel models
Helps generates an improved margin thanks to:
- Better control over and thus optimization of current agreements
- Optimized distribution of traffic
- Correct pricing of all roaming partners
- Automating accruals and reporting