The Dashboard allows commercial end-users to configure, monitor and follow key performance indicators that can be set alongside thresholds and alerts, thus enabling efficient business optimization and short time to act on changes in business conditions.

Unique Benefits for Mobile Operators:

  • Graphical representation of forecasts created in Wholesale, for all commercial end-users
  • Access to most up-to-date information
  • Reporting made simple with browser-based user-friendly GUI and filtering for commercial end-users
  • Ability to change report settings, incl. comparing benchmark data sources, e.g. budget vs. forecast (that includes actual and expected data)
  • Save resources in automating tedious, recurrent monitoring tasks
The Dashboard gives an overview in an illustrative graphical way that makes it easy to see the current status of the budget

On a daily basis it updates in near real time all its gauges and graphs with the latest revenue and cost figures from the network. It provides the Mobile Operator with an overview while drilling down the data to see detailed aspects of their current performance. Simply accessible via a browser, the Dashboard can easily be configured to distribute information of specific form to specific receivers.

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Telenor Group

Telenor Group is among the major mobile operators in the world. Telenor Group provides tele, data and media services in the Nordics, Central and Eastern Europe and Asia. See all references.

Monitoring Charts:

  • Inter-Operator Tariff (IOTs)
  • Charge and volume
  • Net position
  • Net overview
  • Usage
  • Customized views


  • Discount performance
  • Realized revenues and costs
  • Net positions
  • Outbound costs
  • Realized vs. Budget YTD
  • and Year-End


  • KPIs
  • Thresholds (to get discounts from roaming partners)
  • Alerts (Notification of deviations from KPIs / budget / expectations)