Commercial end-users, and not only the Data Mining and BI specialist, can now evaluate likely outcomes and choose the best-case scenario supported by the data. In the telecom Industry there is a significant competitive advantage to the regular and disciplined use of Actionable Analytics. That advantage is impossible for the competition to replicate, and it is multiplied when your organization ensures the delivery of this information on demand across your enterprise.

Compete On Analytics!

The previous basis for competition is no longer valid:

  • Offered products and services are similar
  • The technology is comparable
  • With global competition physical location no longer matters
  • Protective regulation is largely gone
  • Proprietary technologies are or can be copied quickly
  • Breakthrough innovations often fail

To succeed Predictive Intelligence is required:

  • Proprietary Predictive Intelligence is impossible for the competition to replicate
  • When applied it gives a unique competitive advantage
  • Identify, capture and retain the profitable segments with behavior based offers
  • When competition is catching up you have already moved on to the next opportunity with innovative, compelling and profitable propositions
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NeuString's applications are designed to right-size the decision making cycle by significantly decreasing the data latencies in the process resulting in optimized business value for the Mobile Network Operator